Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life Lesson #2

Friends and family members had warned us of hidden problems that might appear when all the walls have been torn away to the bear studs. Load bearing walls, chimneys, asbestos....What we did not take in account was how much it was really going to cost to make these adjustments. I understand that there is no way of knowing what wall may be load bearing or that the front porch is pulling away from the house until after the demolition. We did expect some situations but not that many.

There were three situations of load bearing walls. Between the kitchen and pantry room, extending the bedroom and reinforcing the roof above the front porch. They were minor problems but it was still added cost. Our major problem was the front porch. We wanted to extend the living room area into the front porch. In order for that to happen an 11 foot microlam beam had to be installed to replace the wall that was holding up the house. Later it was discovered that the front porch was pulling away from the house. Upon further investigation the architect had noticed that there were four inch notches cut out across the 2x6 studs flooring for the plumbing to the radiators that were installed at a later date. A new foundation and sub floor had to be installed. Other complications were an outside wall had to be replaced, new ceiling with 2x6 rafters and old insulation containing asbestos. That's a whole other life lesson...

All in all I am glad that these unsafe situations were corrected unfortunately I'm paying for it.

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